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Amount Equals <- Do not use , comas
Step 1 Investment Period:
(Initial Investment) ÷ Coin Name (Coin Value) on Purchase = (All Coins)
Step 2 Growth, Selling Period:           
(% Sold) Refer to Coin Volume (All Coins) Calculate = (Total)
  Percent %
Step 3:
(Coin Peak Price) x (Total) = (Fiat Amount) Total Money Gained - (Initial Investment)
Step 4 Dip, Buying, Investment Period:
Determine if it's a dip. At least 25%-75% lower than it's peak in the past 6 months. That's why I recommend referring to the coin volume chart. If you followed these 4 simple steps you will slowly gain more coins. Then it is up to you to determine when you collect profits. I recommend a minimum of 6-12 months.
This is dependent on the market swings. If it's a dip month. It's a good time to buy. If your coin starts falling in rank from let's say rank 30 to rank 80 in 3-6 months. It's best to pull out in the next growth cycle. Never sell in a dip. Pump and dumps grow ten fold and above in days to weeks. What goes up too fast will come down. Always sell in a growth cycle. When the market overall is gaining for a solid month. Go back to Step 1:
Step 1 Invesment:
($1000) ÷ Mona ($0.50) on Purchase = (2000 Coins)
Step 2 Selling:           
(55%) 58,304,425 MONA Volume (2000) Calculate = (1100 Coins Sold)
Step 3:
($20.23) x (1100) = ($22253) Total Money Gained - ($1000) = ($21253 Profit)
Step 4 Buying:
Mona dipped to $3.07 in 3 months. From it's peak of $20 this is a good time to buy back in. Cash out for good, or if you feel it will recover back to prior peak, buy back in with the amount you see fit. Wait for the next growth cycle to repeat. Go back to Step 1:
Volume Investment Easy Normal  Difficulty Hard  Minimum Sell
100,000 $1,000 $10,000 $100,000 20%
1 Million $100 $1,000 $10,000 25%
10 Million $10 $100 $1,000 50%
100 Million $1 $10 $100 55%
1 Billion $0.10 $1 $10 66%
10 Billion $0.01 $0.10 $1 72%
  • Disclaimer: I do not recommend daily trades, given the way the bots occupy the exchanges. Monthly trades are recommended for practice. When we're in a massive dip cycle January, July, or a massive growth cycle June, December. Use this calculator first to see if it's worth buying or selling. I will be adding in 3 sections that automatically calculate for you. Until that time use the formulas listed above.
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