2017 July Crash:
What happens when you come off from a pump month, like June? Combine that with a market down month like July? You get a crash. Some people will cite panic in the news, which wasn't the case. Not many people put stock into common occurrences affecting market trends, and they should. If you're in doubt. You can always follow the numbers. What goes up too fast, must come down.
2018 January Crash:
A lot of speculation from a lot of YT channels came in. I'm seeing a pattern of emotions leading to correlation. Emotions will doom you in investing. If you look at the actual data you'll know what happened. 3 factors lead to this crash. The first is the January dip. If an economic power is down, it will send ripples across most markets.
The second leading factor was blind pumps. You can see the 80 companies out of the top 200 growing slowly in 2017. While the rest fell off the list stopped gaining. People were buying more cautiously, research was done. Somewhere in November, December 194 companies grew out of 200. No research, spray and pray was applied. Penny coins that never had any real value, Dentist Coin, Tron, Doge, mooned. This lead into the third cause.
Bitconnect was the first of the fraud coins to take billions and run with the money. This was followed with Nem's /wink hack. An event where $500 million was lost. They did refund the money. But it had begun. Next was Ripple dropping from $3 to $1.20, and finally the big one, Tether. Keep in mind this is happening on top of a down trend month, it became a multiplier. Tether was connected to a large portion of the market. Bitfinex, an exchange used Tether to purchase various coins, as well as cash out. Tether claimed to be backed by the US dollar. This was not the case, regulators demanded an investigation.
By the end of January most of the fraud companies took the money and ran, or according to Coin Market took around -50 to -90% of the money. Legit coins like Ethereum, Komodo, Ubiq held -5% to -20%. This event affected all the coins, going from a struggled of $550 billion recovery, to $600 billion. Then a collapse to $380 billion in days. Despite these facts, many YT channels and media outlets will mark this crash as FUD, panic. Which just wasn't the case until the market hit $450 billion. There will be a third crash. When? Probably. Same reasons as before. Eventually the rich will not like the idea of losing their money. They will revert back to cautious spending, with slower coin growth.
2018 July Crash:
I'm so confident it'll hit here I'm putting it up early.

A blockchain designed to connect various crypto services. On of the co-founders of Ethereum is in charge of this ICO. They are working on getting contracts with the Canadian government. It showed healthy growth on the market, should have more room to grow. This is thanks to their connections with Ether. In my opinion their only major competitor is Icon. They haven't been around for long, still very new. If you are looking for a 3rd generation coin, there are better picks. But don't let that discourage you. As long as a coin holds position in the top 80, you have a 50% chance of making gains in 2018. As the years roll on you'll need to make smarter picks. Maybe Aion becomes one of those.
They took a dive during Mt.Gox. Etereum offered more in solutions for the block chain. So Ardor fell behind. You can child block chain. A subsystem, uses NXT, proof of stake, can't be mined. Like Digibyte the coin has shown a revival towards the end of 2017. However I haven't seen anything promising come from it. This, Maidsafe, Augur were THE elder coins to buy back in early 2017. Since July they fell off the map. With recent developments I have a feeling they will poke back into the top 100. You have to question how many more times they can accomplish this.
A coin similar to Lisk. The developers hope to tackle various problems on the block chain. I've seen them hold very well on the market, with some of the best growth for any coin in 2017. It's downside is criticism
for being too ambitious. Ark has responded by being slow and steady. Like a turtle. Time will tell if it beats the hare, a must watch coin for 2018. So far Lisk is destroying them in growth.
The coin that won't die. It keeps coming back up the list. I'm not a fan of their bet on anything system. Will a specific football team win? Will Bill Gates throw pies at people? It's designed to be a speculation market coin. To reward those who chose right. But it's vast range is too ambitious. There are better speculative market coins to choose from. I feel this is the reason Augur keeps falling back down the list.

The exchange market has the potential for huge gains. I listed this coin and PIVX as potential back in 2017. I was correct. Did Bancor grow well enough to get into the top? No. It fell down the list hard. The reason? The exchange market was very new, a lot of competitors entered. While this occurred, a few older exchanges ran away with the money, got hacked, were unable to meet the demand of the buyers. When all of this was happening, Bancor tried their own methods using Ethereum to raise funds, gain popularity. As time progressed, they failed to stay relevant. I definitely put them above most of the exchange coins, but with Binance rising, Bitfinex exiting, Poloniex holding, and Coinbase growing. There's just too much against it. Update: Bancor was accused of cooking their books by Coin Market Cap. They went through their archive and changed their market cap value. I'm leaving that in, because it's an archive site. But in the future I will no longer report on Bitcore, Bancor for blatent fraud.
Basic Attention Token:
Due to the high quantity, volume, BAT falls into the penny stock category. It does advertising and... ad blocking. Sounds like a contradiction. The owner is one of the creators of the internet Java Script, Mozilla. How we view web pages today. It's service is a browser, called Brave. Makes sense that the owner would push into a market he's worked in prior. I do welcome more competition in the internet browser market. Especially with the Google's partnership to Firefox. It should be illegal since they already own Chrome. We're looking at a possible browser monopoly. I didn't forget MS Edge... We are looking at a monopoly! BAT has a lot of potential. But only a few people own 65% of the coins, it's volume is too large. This isn't hitting $1,000 a coin, probably impossible to hit $100. You are buying to support the service, Brave browser.
Binance Coin:
This company surpassed Bancor. Binance runs an exchange. Initially it had problems with users, getting immense delays withdrawing money. Shades of Poloniex. As of lately they expanded globally, with people in my network reporting it's working fine. My personal complaint is the bare minimum dollar amount required, before buying any coin. So let's say you have 49 Komodo and just want to finish it off at 50 for $6, you won't be able to. You're left with uneven amounts. This also makes throwing in $5 into the penny coins impossible. They need to keep improving, and so far so good. Could this be a big gain coin in 2018? I would say yes if they learn from their competitors. Another practice Binance does is allowing crypto to be listed by the amount of votes they get. These votes cost money (pumps win), allowing FAR MORE questionable coins on their exchange.
Even though there have been several forks, it's primarily a coin designed to solve problems on the blockchain. Despite this, the founder disappeared for safety reasons. You don't overturn the current banking system without consequence. Over time BTC has been treated more like gold, a storer of wealth. The upgrades are decided by the miners. In 2017 the votes created Bitcoin Gold, Cash, forks, splits in the chain. Due to BTC's explosive growth, usage, voting deadlocks have resulted in slower transactions, and higher fees. In time bitcoin will either become a base all coins will be valued against, or fall to better competition. This was one of the best buys in 2017 for growth of over 400% in 6 months! A trend likely to continue in 2018 and 2019. Lightning network is promised to resolve it's rising fees. With the prices going back to normal it looks like lightning is working.
Bitcoin Cash:
The first major attempt to take down bitcoin's market dominance. While competition is welcomed. It's backer Roger Ver, "I'm smarter than you, because I'm richer than you." His words, not mine. Followed by other questionable alumni. It's been marked largely by the community as a scam. The coin does outperform BTC, and is cheaper in transfer fees. The part that hurts is it's poor marketing. "Buy it because it's better!" Didn't win over the majority of coin holders. Also people like Ver pumped, pre mined it substantially thanks to their large reserves of BTC. This means a lot of it is overvalued. A coin that rides on the coat tails of BTC, even though it claims it's better. I have an extra strike against Cash. I tried signing up several times to one of their mining groups, prior to it's formation. The site felt very dot com bubble in it's setup. No response was ever given. Later on I was contacted by someone in my network. I was told it's group isn't legally able to accept Americans.
Bitcoin Gold:
When BTC forked a second time. It was for GPU mining. Much more energy efficient, effective than the CPU. The company behind gold is questionable. No real road map, and has been victim to a major hack. By opening your coin in conjunction with this during the split, hackers had access to your BTC address using Gold. It's another slightly improved version of BTC. Gold's competitor is Bit Coin Cash. Even if it merges or changes, the entire function is still based off of BTC. Pre mined rumors are also abound with the owners. Deep backing from rich elites.
A pyramid scheme. Very illegal in the USA. Bitconnect uses a bot to trade bitcoin. If you compare the charts you can see it's fraud in action. Everytime BTC goes down, Bitconnect joins it. I've estimated 70% of every BTC held is kept by the owners. Sure people are making money, especially if they are high on the pyramid, barring they never get arrested. But the rest of investors make more leaving it in Bitcoin! There have been moments where it pulled ahead of BTC from pumps, but overall BTC has outperformed it. It's cash outs are a scary thing to see on the charts, losing hundreds of percent in a week! This is probably already under investigation by various governments, NSA, FBI, EU. Authorities are fishing for prosecution, don't get caught in the net. Swim away while you can! -Written 1/5/18
Recently removed from the exchanges Bittrex, can't be found of GDAX. It's overall growth has been poor, with recent pumps from China. Bitshares promises an anonymous exchange. What irks me was the lack of warning they gave people about the delisting. I didn't like what the owners pitched in recent interviews, pie in the sky, unrealistic promises to compete. Unlike Binance, Bittrex, even Krakken have done far more as services. BTS mostly grew because it's anon. Weeks after I abandoned the coin at 70 cents, it pumped to 80 cents. I thought I made a mistake. But soon after that it plummeted down to 30 cents. Back where it started in June 2017! There are and will continue to be better alt picks.
One of the first crypto coins. Byte hasn't done much but hold it's position. It's passel, volume is one of the poorest. Any case for supporting this coin went out the window with Verge's leap up the charts. People have made the argument for enduring. Byte needs to come up with something if they want to continue. Expect a future pump in June and or December. This is the current case for the penny coins. One day that won't be possible. Invest very little, if any. I avoided it.

As of this writing the coin is still very new. Time will tell if it follows the same path as Iota. Will it defy expectations and grow? Will it slip down the list like TenX, Kyber? Previous coins that received massive financial backing. At the helm is a previous Ethereum developer, a veteran of the crypto field. Charles, is very insightful on the current problems plaguing the block chain. He's also spent some time giving in depth reviews on coins like Dash. 60 pages worth of data! The owner of EOS, Dan Larimer has called them out. They see them as competition, challenged their legitimacy. This has only strengthened my doubts on EOS.

The other competitor to Ethereum. These two juggernauts have fought to stabilize the crypto market. Dash has taken a more cautious approach. Ethereum went into risk, getting into all exchanges, Dash pushed for retail. The owner knows the problems facing crypto, a former Hedge Fund manager turned CEO. Dash has performed, unlike Ethereum with much more stability in 2017, probably due to their cautious, slower approach. The downside is Dash has holes in it's operations. Investors, consumers bringing up the SAME problems, possible solutions again and again on the forums, chat rooms. With no response from staff, including the owner on Twitter. Yet in other areas of technical support they got back to me immediately. This bit them in the ass in early 2018, killing their dollar gains. The ambition is high, the practicality is good. It needs more refinement, more ways to answer questions. My recommendation is more leaning on the chat rooms and less on the forums. You don't want to archive redundancy. Also get rid of the spam bots, bat shit stupid proposals that flood the docket. I backed this coin over Ethereum to be rewarded greatly. Then it flipped back to Ethereum being the better pick. I have a feeling this back and forth will continue.
I had a chance to work for them. They are an open source coin that relies on voting. A democratic type company. It's advantages is it's tied to the people, to it's holders. The coin can be mined, and they are working on a hybrid system that allows PoW to continue far into the future. In 2017 we saw a lot of coins rush to PoS. A system designed to make the rich, richer. Very few crypto run on pure PoS, and this was one of the key reasons so many devs broke off from Ethereum. Ethereum was the originator for many of the software developers. A reason why I was attracted to Decred, was their views against full PoS.
Now for my complaints. They are a voting based company. I've seen some really bad decisions due to this process. It was populism fueled. The owners know what they are doing, work is getting done. But underneath are a bevy of people, doing an excellent job keeping talent away. All to fulfill perspectives on gating the right people in. This company badly needs leadership. But maybe I'm wrong? Maybe their unique system will continue to perform, it has so far.
Has Segwit, pairs with playing video games like Minecraft, Counter Strike. But it's not affiliated with them. Can be mined. Their staff that can be contacted, always a bonus. Digi's mining scene is scarce. The coin has made a comeback in late 2017 with announcements. It's competitor is the more modern, Game Credits, which dropped down the rankings. Digi may merge, if you have these coins you saw zero growth from June. Still, impressive that they outlasted their competition.
This started as a meme coin. It does have some interesting features brought in by talented devs. Those devs moved onto to bigger projects such as, Komodo. If you visit the site, try to mine the coins, you'll be greeted with malware, viruses. Thanks to the chat room in Poloniex, this coin and Sia were pumped for a solid 3 months. Because the chat room said so. In fact it's a constant. Social media is the only reason this coin is still alive. People constantly recommending it to first timers. Don't become part of the joke, avoid it. If any coin grading site gives this a score higher than BTC, that site is a PoS (the other PoS).
Over the years more large companies like Disney, Microsoft, Nvidia will directly back crypto. In this case Disney is supporting Dragonchain. I remain very skeptical. In mid 2017 a lot of coins, Ethereum, Monero, etc had such major backing from MS, IBM. Over time it didn't help the monthly growth, it caused them to stall out. The reason is simple. Coins got pumped too early, too fast. Will such pumps help Dragon in 2018? Yes, it should perform better in the summer from January. As the months go on the high pump could cause a long term stall, small additional growth.
Dragonchain wants to middleman for big companies to get into coding, on the Blockchain. They are pushing unethical areas like Law Enforcement (you don't middleman government documents, Equifax), Art Paintings (tax evasion), Casinos, Micro Transactions for Games. Still, I would be foolish to ignore them. As I mentioned they have deep financial backing, good location in Washington State, USA, they are open to the public. A future pump is likely.

They are a system that allows you to exchange and monetize information. Part of the data mining, archiving market. The name of their service is called Catalyst. It's a middleman operations for software devs to sell their data sets. A little bit like selling 3d art on Turbo Squid. They also want to make a decentralized exchange to be a part of the service. To protect your data they want to use bio metrics, voice, face. Not safe. No one knows the exact number for look a likes, similar numbers. But it's far below 1 in 1 million for matches, unless you're like me with several mixed races, still a new thing in this modern world. Machines have also failed several times in the past identifying two completely different people. Biometrics is not reliable! Full finger prints (not glue) and DNA still reign supreme. Any service that claims otherwise is being scientifically dishonest. The fact that Egnima doesn't know this, or is pretending not to know is a serious strike against their integrity, ability. It could also be a relaunch from the 2016, same name coin that failed.
The creators of Steem moved into another ICO, called EOS. EOS is a zero fee crypto. Initially they didn't have much to show, keeping them hanging. As 2017 came to an end EOS has grown substantially. Rumors are the owners sold some of their massive Steem stock to pump it. If this is true, it worked to draw in serious investor attention in December. Caution is to be taken, as Steem, Bitshares have not been run properly. If two of the companies in the branch are under performing, that's not good for the third one. Maybe EOS will deliver on their promises, and revolutionize transactions. Late 2018 will give us a clear picture. Bitshares was removed from Bittrex and other exchanges recently. The owner is known for being a fire cracker, starting a feud with Ada. Larimer does have a lot of good ideas, now he just needs to make them work, and hire a freaking PR manager.
One of the first coins to tackle the problems with block chain software. A lot of talented developers came together to create it. Unfortunately they forked, split for various reasons, leaving Ethereum Classic to die a slow death. Ether's been marred with hacks, exploits, and even accidental deleting of coins. While they have corrected most of these problems, it's growth, it's performance is very poor. The devs who helped found it have gone off into other companies such as, Cardano. Don't underestimate it's position on the charts. They may have made a lot of mistakes, but they have also produced a lot of results, taking various risks. Casper, their PoS system will be removing this as a mining coin in the near future. Everyone is expecting this action to result in a substantial gain in dollar value.
Ethereum Classic:
After the fork with Ethereum. This coin was left for dead. People have held on, trying to use it as a store of wealth. Like a mini bitcoin. Even though it pumped up several times. The devs who backed this coin left for EOS, Cardano, and other prominent companies. I have zero expectation this will be on the top 30 by late 2018. Don't expect a merger either. It's out of date software. Thus the fork, and eventual death.
This is from a rebrand of Bitquence. You will find this happen a few times on the market. Neo used to be Antshares. Social intelligence to the masses. What that means you can invest in different cryptos, diversification. Allocation of it's baskets. They want to allow tax reports, returns. A middleman like a financial adviser. Such services exist in the stock market. I prefer to invest my money manually, and avoided stuff like the DOW Jones, NASDAQ. It could be a big deal for people who don't want to learn the market. Eventually such services will become more popular. Ethos has to spend 2018 doing one simple thing. Make people money using their services. More than if they went at it alone. To beat the average it should perform above 10x gains from Jan to Dec. This is also a coin grader based on democratic voting. I skipped it after finding out a few questionable YT channels got paid to pump it.

They hold data, private documents like home mortgages, stuff for the NSA (pending) in a more secure, encrypted network. Basically a middleman to the governments, banks, and other data streams. Equifax comes to mind. In the case of Factom they'll probably do a better job. But, should this even exist? Should external organizations; not accountable to the same due process as governments. Should they be allowed to store your personal documents? What happens if a hacker steals my house papers? Digitally. I do agree we need more security, and if you think this is the correct direction, there is a lot of backing behind them. If you got onto crypto for that idea of open freedom, with security. This isn't it. Why the need for storing our personal records digitally? In some countries with severely corrupt governments, this would save them from having officials overwrite their ownership. But in the same vein opens you up to the world.
One of the many gambling coins. This market did horrible in 2017. The market, not the coins. The vices can be easy money, but also bring in a lot of entries, competitors. Pair this with the difficulty of breaking into something that requires heavy regulations. Despite it's ability to stay in the top 80, it did not grow well. I heard a lot of YT channels pumped this coin. I stayed clear, going into Mona. Guess which one was the safer pick? It's a HTML 5.0 online casino, using the block chain. They want users to be able to create their own casinos online, and offer their games for use. I have a brief history working on a slots machine game for, Totally Red Software. Defunct. The pay was really good, and that's about it. Rank 85-200 $234,961,799 June, down to $231,029,229 December. But the ones that held the top 84 went from June $460,488,924 up to $1,125,503,358 December.

Game Credits:
As the name implies. They exist in the video game market. In addition they are paired with MobileGo, another crypto coin. Performance over time is the logic I used to avoid them. As time went on Komodo slowly stayed in position while Credits went down. So what was the problem? Why did they fall? Several reasons, lack of presence on social media. They backed other cryptos in an attempt to spread out. Similar to what Bitshares did with Steem into EOS. That's normally not a good sign. When a coin rebrands it could be from a merger, new markets to push into like NEO. In the case of Game Credits it's clear this company is using this method to run away from it's problems. It does a lot of things, mining, offers to middleman micro transactions. There were several times they surprised me. But as time went on they stopped delivering on their promises. GC continued their problems with their lack of social outreach, project deadlines.
Gas was created to assist operation costs of NEO. It's safe to say it worked. On the surface Gas has an incredibly small volume, 9 million. If you investigate further you can see they have 100 million total. Most of it's locked away. I skipped them for that reason. When a coin keeps the bulk locked away, it's difficult for it to grow in legit value, AKA Ripple. Gas does a lot for helping NEO processes, operations, avoids Government conflict. Unlike Unity, Bitcoindark helping Komodo grow as the main coin. Gas in my opinion did it right, giving NEO, their flagship coin the bulk of the value.
A classic example of low volume, leading to high coin value. By the time I heard about Gnosis, it was hovering around $300, which it lost for a few months, then lost it again for a few months. It says a lot when you have a predictive market token like Augur. And can't predict your own massive dips. The speculative market is one of the worst to invest in when a market is new. I don't know if it's stupid or arrogant to launch something like this so early. Their competitor Augur offers more, isn't as shady. I steered clear of both. Not much to say, because they haven't done much. Other than lose position, fiat worth.
I know several reasons why this will fail. I am informing you I have a personal stake in software that will do away with the need for render farms. Atom graphics, ultra small voxels. I also know devs who make CGI (computer generated images) render farms for Nvidia. So my opinions on this are very skeptical. They promise to cloud render CGI and other intensive processing across the planet with people's PCs. We've already seen results with Folding. A protein folding program that is run on game consoles, computers. It's used to solve genetic disorders, cancer. In the case of CGI, computer generated images, it's a lot more simple. Machines are used to render light, shadows, particle effects, 3d graphics, one frame, one picture at a time for Hollywood. These studios make movies like Toy Story. They rely on thousands of computers, working for years to make a single 2 hour movie. I understand the appeal of using tens of millions of computers globally, not needing to front the hardware costs. That versus a thousand PCs. But with new software, Pixar has already made moves to render more in real time, use fewer computers in future movies. I can't tell you when voxels hit, but when it does, Golem will be useless. It's not to say Golem is out of options. They could opt into folding, and other scientific research. Which is badly needed! Golem has a future, but only if they follow business rule #1, adapt or die.

They were accused of stealing their code verbatim, line for line from another crypto. Lots of buzzwords. Because of this Hshare's position is highly questionable. The developers have promised a lot, and it has performed well in the top 100. Will imitation be enough flattery to help it grow further?
As I've been following this coin, it's continued to slowly drop in value. I think it's final gasps for air will be in June and or December. Pull out then if you got in. It's listed in the community as a scam coin for good reason. Not every day you get to see a company go from a $1 billion value to $300 million in a few months. Ouch!

Hype, when a product/service is valued extremely high before it arrives on the market. It has a LOT of buzzwords in it's white paper. So what did all that hype do? So far not much. A blockchain protocol that according to them does everything for Korea's economy, retail. Very ambitious, over valued, not on market. I'm going to watch this for a bit longer.
This was a coin I was genuinely interested in, with a gigantic staff. It's an asset management platform, invest in digital markets. This is something Wallstreet likes to pump. It's a very competitive market. If it succeeds above the rest, it's a great pick. Did it? Nope! This sucker dropped down the list with no signs of recovery. I think with the recent outbreak of Bitconnect, Davor frauds. People pulled out. In early 2018 there was a push to rely more on USD and not on BTC. A bold move that backfires whenever BTC dominance is up. Not much else to write. I'm convinced they'll keep falling down.
Billed as the anti quantum computer coin, as well as the internet of things software. Claimed to be immune to AI breaking your encryption password. It uses tangle software to protect you data. While it does have a theoretical hole when moving coins across the network. BTW I got to experience that hole. My wallet went from 0 to 2 million! Then back to it's regular amount. I felt sad after seeing that.
Iota has made adjustments, and will be rolling out better software in 2018. People were cautious as the coin struggled to grow for the first 4 months, a common theme with Ada and other new top 10 coins. Low value was compounded by it's massive volume. Later they explained how the MIOTA works. Iota has delivered in partnerships with Microsoft, expansions into more exchanges, a decent road map for software. It's being toted as the best long term coin, so far living up to expectations. Next time I see 2 million coins in my wallet I will screen shot it. Then proceed to cry once Tangle gets my real amount in. I'll include that screen shot too.

Their site is down. It's a very old coin, from 2014. Despite this, in recent months Jinn saw ridiculous growth. What little information exists is a flame war on social media. It talks about the coin bouncing around NXT and Iota. This was back when Iota was still very new. For a coin that's rank 241, now 989 it's price remains high! Over $1,000 as of this writing, at one point it was almost $2,000! It could be similar to Supernet. A coin used to benefit big investors. If you got it back in September back when it was $55, you made bank! A lesson that just because the alt coin isn't on the top 100, doesn't mean it's not going to Moon. Should you buy now? Probably not. Jinn and Unity are reminders to not just look for the potential coins, but the abandoned coins used to pay off large investment groups. Sneak into those for $10 whenever possible. But don't be surprised if you can't. As of February 2018 Jinn was delisted.

KMD originated from devs who worked on previous cryptos. A GPU mining coin that has grown steadily. Komodo is expected to mega merge with several companies, coins. Which it did. Bitcoindark became one of them. They officially announced mergers will take place Jan 15th. Then more mergers in March. Which happened. This list is expansive, accompanying the funding. Will it be a pump and run? Will it go from $100 to $900 by the end of 2018? A lot of the big investors, banks jumped in. This could be the biggest sleeper of 2018. Regardless, buy with caution. I directly contacted them several times, pretending to play stupid, their response was coy. Tip of the hat Komodo for playing the same game back. They chose a bad time to merge, January to March 2018 have not been kind to alt coins.
Kyber Network:
For it's time it was one of the largest ICOs, raising hundreds of millions of dollars. Kyber is a decentralized exchange, using Ethereum's smart contract system. It's wait time is instant, with a full refund if it doesn't go through. They use a token system. In the time they've been up they have slowly fallen down the list. They struggled to grow in any direction, bouncing between $1-$2 a coin. I kept away for it's lack of performance. Even though they had major backing, it's pushing into the exchange market. A market already overrun. What puts them above is their privacy. If that drops, it's not much different from everyone else. Notice I didn't mention one of the major advisors? Rumor is he quietly pulled out.

Their goal is to tackle a bevy of block chain problems. To find solutions to the software. I was impressed by their response time to technical issues. However mid 2017 they disappeared. It left people scratching their heads. They reemerged with promises of major overhauls. As well as changing their god awful logo in Fall 2017. But that got pushed to February. Lisk remained in a holding pattern. Eventually reappearing, addressing many grievances. Their ugly as sin logo remained. Cough some people even offered a free alternative to use in the meantime... COUGH! Still they have been working hard. This paid off in December as their coin value grew hundreds of percent. February will be the moment they deliver or begin to lose to their competitor Ark. Due to the market remaining down at this time it's still uncertain. They did deliver on their overhauls, and pushed far ahead of Ark in value. If you got in early, this coin should have more room to grow.
If bitcoin is compared to holding digital gold. Litecoin is silver. The problem is it's creator has recently sold all of his shares, cashed out. He promised to continue work on the coin, and has done so. Despite that people remain weary. Litecoin needs a lot of modernization, being one of the first alt coins. While it survived for years, no small feat. It's showing signs of age. The creator isn't helping with his, "I'm doing my own thing. Damn the PR YARRRRR!!!!" Other investors welcome that attitude as a breath of fresh air from traditional business. It is hard to tell if this coin will be worth $1,000 or $100 by late 2018. The hold has been strong.

One of the legacy coins. A solid choice in 2016, and mid 2017. Rather than viewing every company succeeding and being around forever. You should see everything having a lifespan. No one lives forever, and neither do companies. Will Maidsafe make a comeback? Possibly. As I'm looking at the charts, this coin is on it's way to death. Their product a super computer network designed to handle web services. A decentralized internet. I want such a thing to exist. To utilize PCs across the world for a more fragmented net, pushing it further away from the eggs in one basket scenario. Until we have full solar, wind, fiber. It's too far ahead of their time. No less in a market that's already occupied with stable businesses.
Mona Coin:
The strange coin I decided to buy. One of the biggest gainers of 2017. Why did I get it at 46 cents? Just like X-play it was a coin out on it's own market. Somehow surviving the top 200. A crypto coin attempting to get into retail for Japan. It had heavy backing. The website went offline for a number of months, unknown owners, road map. Flags, tons of red flags for Mona. Yet I went in on it. Because it still fit my three requirements back then. Can be mined, pushes into a market mostly unopposed, has low volume, making it incredibly easy to gain dollar value. Did it pay off? Yes! You can't always play it safe, nor can you do the opposite, taking nothing but risk. The key is making a rule set of where you think success is for crypto companies. Then applying it. If it fails you adjust, you learn.
One of the largest privacy coins. The go to choice for hackers. If your computer was taken over, mining crypto. Odds are you got the Coinhive virus pushing your CPU 90% for Monero. I'm personally not a fan of the coin. It's PR is awful, it's used for criminal activity. In my case Coinhive took over my family PC, and all they were doing was watching CBS on the internet. It's done little to give people confidence this coin will do any good for the world. However if you want to avoid governments, hide your money. This is bar none the best pick. Recent rumors are a Litecoin, Monero mega merger. Out of all the coins, Monero, Ethereum have held price, position.

Nano AKA Raiblocks:
One of the most insane pumps I have ever seen. Over 20,000% gained is nonsense. Prior it was a company left for dead. Raiblocks was not stupid. They wasted no time taking advantage of the influx of cash. They spent it in questionable areas. One of them was listing on an exchange where millions of dollars, of their coins got 'hacked.' I always write that as a reminder. Most theft is an inside job, first thing you learn working retail. If you look at how they've performed since the pump, it's been a gradual slope downward in coin value. This is normal. What's not normal is the unrelenting hype of fans claiming this coin will be able to compete with Ethereum, and BTC for zero fee, fast transactions. Needless to say I am very cautious of Raiblocks. I think they could see a new pump in June 2018. Aside from that? EOS, NEO and other competitors will probably bury them.
They can track your coins. NEM hidden fees, and is the complete opposite of a crypto. Similar to Ripple. This coin has performed poorly in 2017. It's only reason for being on the top is it's backing from large investors. NEO, a coin pushing in China, similar territories offers so much more. As long as NEM holds that top 20 position, another massive pump will happen in April, and or June. The market is very new, and there are almost no bad picks if you stick to the top 30. How long that game will last is a gamble. At the end of January NEM lost over $500 million on an exchange due to 'hackers'.
The coins I'm calling out as questionable may make me look like person who can see the future. That is not the case. The norm over the next few years will be easier to pick losers than winners. It's a safer mentality to have that view. See it as a reminder this market is very new, very unstable, and you have to be critical whenever something questionable occurs in the market.
Originally Antshares. It was rebranded under their new name, Neo. Overall value of the coin is promising. While it has gone through several ups and downs. Neo has steadily grown over the year. The developers are aiming to make this the best crypto coin for China. Even with problems from the government trying to clamp down, affecting price. NEO still gains. This is thanks to their questionable location, the Cayman Islands. A territory that protects their business. Few coins have earned their top spot as much as Neo. Do not forget this market is still in a shaky position. A set of laws can cement it's foundation or another set can ruin NEO.
A cube satellite network. They launched their product into orbit. They claim quantum resistance, libertarian structure. From the January crash of 2018 they lost all their momentum from 2017. Could they see some recovery in June? I'm going to say yes. Proof of work and proof of stake is used. That means they are mineable. It does some interesting things with confirmation of coins sent. Timed signatures prevent hackers from running away with the money. At the very least it's a added layer of security that crypto needs. An interesting project that must stay competitive to survive. We'll find out. As of now they have fallen down the list, but they are not out.
Proof of stake is their setup. That means they aren't a mining coin. The owners decide how they hand out the currency. This is because all of it was mined out. An inevitable conclusion for nearly every mineable coin. NXT is one of the older companies. They made a resurgence in late 2017. The code in it has been used by various crypto companies, Komodo backs them hard. In the same way EOS backs Steem. I'm unsure of it's future in March 2018. If you hold it, follow the news, updates closely. It's uncertain where they go.

It's start was hyped. Got an evaluation of over a billion dollars. They have a 100 person staff, prior past with payment models, business solutions. Omise is located in Asia, near Thailand. The goal is to bring people bank accounts in regions of the world that don't have any. A good example of what countries are like without banks, no place to store money is Ghana. Unlike Humaniq, a Kony 2012 clone. OmiseGo could expand greatly, benefiting South Asia. They just need more developed infrastructure. 74% of it's customer base is untapped. What I also like is their coin held it's overall value for the year. It was not a good investment for 2017, but in 2018 this could be a huge turn around. In order to prove itself it needs to compete with Neo, Qtum. I know I mention mergers a lot, but that's the way coins like this succeed.

A competitor to Monero. It's a privacy coin. PIVX has grown from $1 to $10 in a year. Unlike Zcash it wasn't pre mined. It runs under proof of stake. PIVX uses a faster transaction speed. Similar to Dash. People called it the sleeper coin for most of the year. Even though it has a lot going for it. Better coins offer far more. You could call it the Litecoin of privacy coins. Monero has a slow .3% coin gain every year starting in 2022. This implies inflation. Pivx also has it's own version of inflation for the long term. It's used to combat the fact mining coins have a finite life span. When it's mined out, that's it. Most crypto companies have come up with various methods to tackle this future problem. That may be good or bad depending on your perspective.
What I despise most about the modern system? We have a debt economy, it's the core reason crypto exists. Populous exists to help broker off debt. This is a trillion dollar market. Have a $200k college loan, that became $250k, and you paid it off? Would it anger you to know there are companies that gamed that system? Your debt was sold to them pennies on the dollar. For mark ups! Your 200k became 250k. But the holders only paid 2k. Most losses are dumped on the tax payer. Eventually crippling the dollar, creating hyper inflation. Populous wants to be middleman of debt collection. Can't give them enough middle fingers. Emphasis on the word middle. Wall Street started pumping them in the winter. In fact when I heard this was happening, I predicted this was the coin to guarantee grow. (I didn't buy any out of ethics, morals.) Are they a good investment? You'll be making gains on people's debt. Yes, sadly as long as the stock market is healthy, as long as people pay their debt, you'll make a financial killing.
Power Ledger:
Another coin using celebrity names like Elon Musk to hype it. The coin saw a rise, then the usual decline. It fell down the list, making me feel better, deciding to avoid it. Around every month a new coin launches, catches the attention of the public. It gets a big push, especially from YT channels. My question is how well it holds over the next 3 months? Power didn't perform. It's a peer to peer energy trading platform. For metering, data collection, nothing I see being unique nor usable by the market.

There are 350 million in circulation of 1 billion in supply. The founder has 22 years of investing experience. It's nice seeing this versus a 19 year old in charge of Tron. It's backed by the Japanese billionaires. Could this be the next Mona? Doubtful due to it's massive supply. I think this coin will see growth in the future. It's built upon another coin, using tokens. Qash could be a stable long term investment. Just don't expect high returns. What worries me is it's fiat parring with exchanges. You would spend money to directly buy coins. A good concept, but could share the same flaws as Tether.
The competitor to NEO. This is true for most of the top 30 coins. The team comes from Alibaba, Nasdaq, Tencent and more major corporations. Like Ripple, a word of warning. This is a coin backed by the rich. In this case it's modern tech companies. They are also backed by Binance, an exchange. Which is one of the key reasons their growth has been substantial. Various cryptos in China are pushing to own the digital banking market. Like Ripple vs Stellar. Only one of them will be standing by 2019. But I think Neo and Qtum will have a much better run. I wouldn't rule out a possible merger. This is a coin I don't recommend you buy and forget about for a couple years. Watch it's road map, follow it's updates with caution.

Raiden Network:
Raiden's a token, half the coins are locked up, and wants to compete with Ethereum. Ethereum has a scaling issue with transactions per second. In short, it's DPS, err TPS is too low. Raiden attempts to correct this problem with significantly faster speeds, lower fees. Sounds great! Too good to be true? The tech has been possible for a decade with services like Paypal. Does Raiden have the same foundation as Paypal? No. This isn't just a flaw with them, this is a general flaw with the blockchain. A unregulated market that relies more on people across the world to handle processing, rather than server farms. Guess what wins? Server farms always win. Do not underestimate the difficulties of distance. To solve the problem the transactions occur off chain. Then the result gets uploaded onto the chain. For now this process is new.
Used as a social tipping system. At 2 cents a coin, that's not much of a tip (it's tanked since). This coin saw a big pump and dump in late 2017. It uses proof of stake. A middleman to services like Youtube, Twitch. Huh? What about Paypal, Patreon? They are already there, faster. An attempt to bark into a market that's already dominated, successful and widely used. I'm putting this sucker proof of stupidity, all coins can tip! Why do people buy this coin? Pump and dumps! I was pressured to make an assessment of the coin on a chat room. After further investigation. I'll stand by my original prediction. It could pump again in June. I don't see it having any long term life span. That's not saying much.
The coin no one wanted to back. Why? It's owners are for big banks. The bulk of the 100 billion coins were locked up. Their goal is to bring crypto into the light, track transactions, operate more like a bank. So invest in a bank! With excessive backing it's able to hold the top spot. Recently they have expanded their offerings. They made big promises on the software side. However it remains one of the worst picks of 2017 for growth. You could have chosen almost any other coin, even Ubiq which dropped off the top 100 several times and made more money. Ripple is privately owned. The question you should ask yourself before buying Ripple is, "Why am I not investing in Mastercard on the traditional stock market? It has better value." Mastercard went from $100 to $150, Ripple went from $0.06 to $2.70 in 2017. Komodo, Ark, Mona went from .35-.50 cents to $15-$20 in that same time span. Komodo, Ark, Mona held $4-$5 in early 2018, Ripple held .90-$1.

Beware! If you type in Salt, several games will come up. Salt and Sanctuary is awesome BTW! So many things wrong with this coin. A platform for borrowers and lenders who don't want to deal with Bitcoin. That's what we need, more middlemen! If you believe the market will one day expand to where people accept bitcoin in purchases. Salt becomes completely useless. You'll save more money bypassing the middleman anyway. It's a token, it's probably going to draw in some investor whales. Sodium was pre mined/pumped. Over half the coins are locked up. I think Populous has a much more realistic approach, and I despise Popdebt's ethics. Salt is as risky as eating MacDonalds! They are also a lending platform for crypto, collateral, nothing here that will impress the average consumer, small investor.
Store your data on an encrypted cloud storage. They presented decent a road map, which went no where. Initially had a lot of promise. However July 2017 hit them hard. Poloniex for a time closed their chat room. Without people hyping Sia. The one two punch pushed them into the negatives. It's made a strong recovery in late 2017. But when compared to Status, Verge, even Bitshares. Sia hasn't done much. I would caution buying this coin. They switched from GPU to ASIC mining... WHY? I calculated it should hit a few dollars just based on general market growth, can be mined. As a holder look for a good exit point in June, or December 2018.
The Viacom competitor of Youtube. Study recent history to know why they failed. I've brought up a laundry list of complaints, why it's failing. The growth rate of this coin has been abysmal in the later half of 2017. The creators have moved onto EOS, the help staff is volunteer, you can't delete any of your posts. Hope you didn't do a Pewpie with certain words, because you can't even remove your account! While it's concept is brilliant, it has not bothered to bring in talent during the second and third Youtube adsense purges. Horrible business sense. If you bought the coin, you probably are hoping for a buyout. It's current owners are lazy, lacking in vision, PR, HR, everything. It's the twitter (limited) of blogs. We're all hoping for so much more. A new media system will be implemented soon. I think the other reason this coin has gained in value, is it's still a service that made market. Youtube, Twitch, and other social media services are in the process of self immolation, driving more people to Steem it, even if it doesn't bother advertising to them.
Mobile Ethereum based operating system. To store, buy Ether locally. It's attempting to compete with Facebook and other messaging applications. They are playing the long game to reach out to other devs on the blockchain. This is a coin I invested in, it pumped hard in December along with all the other penny coins. I have no real ambitions for this coin to hit above $10, since it's volume is very high. If I can use the money to buy a Nintendo Switch, with some games. That's all the return on investment I desire. If you do invest for the long game, keep that in mind. This coin's cap will never hit $100. Probably... 99.9% certain.
Was broken off from Ripple. Stellar has some of the same flaws. It has shown more growth, potential than Ripple. I am curious to see which of these two will be the victor. As time goes on, probably 2019 only one will be left standing.
Similar to Ethereum, but Stratus uses C Sharp coding. You can't mine it, proof of stake. It has performed well at the end of the year. They partnered with Microsoft. MS is be a big player on the top selling coins. The irony isn't lost on me. With the recent market action down, a decent chunk of these whale investors like Bill Gates lost money. What goes up too fast, will come down in equal fashion. Gates blasted BTC, crypto for his February losses. Will this cause MS to exit Stratis or get even more serious with it? Based on the current hold it looks like it's far from done.
Decentralized web. This coin has seen a lot of action in the bottom 200. A token that is pushing to make web hosting services open. We badly need it! If you've used Google search in 2016-2018. You'll see the mounting problems with skewed news, censorship, and even false data. 12% of America is not poor! It's 63%, and if you type into Google "60% of Americans can't afford $500." you'll get a bevy of conflicting articles saying it's $1,000, at 39%! Who knows what that slant will be next year on the 2016 data? Clearly someone is lying. I, along with many people want to see accurate archiving that can't be altered years later by CNN, CNBC, whomever gets paid to alter it. We know accountability is coming, but will Substratum be the ones that succeeds?
I think Sub will fail, because it's renting out PC processing, rather than relying on a server farm. End of the day server farms are superior to asking people to randomly sacrifice their PC processing time, spread across the planet. More than ever we have data to support this. As long as no one goes back and alters it.
Ebay has a competitor, Amazon. There's also Craig's list. Syscoin attempts to push into this market. If Facebook wasn't a growing part of this, I'd think they'd have a chance. After taking my time to look at the overall market I am doubtful they'll succeed. So why are they doing such a good job holding position? It's a mining coin. The supply is very high, thus it got pumped and dumped. A common theme with the penny coins. You can quickly double your gains in a short time span as a whale investor. If their competitors go away, if Ebay falls apart, they have a chance. Otherwise I think it's ability to hold position, while impressive won't last. Don't count them out entirely. There's a possibility of a merger with Amazon, someone already established. Just don't expect $100 a coin with it's crazy high volume. The biggest bonus it has against Ebay is lower fees.

The coin designed to take BTC and transfer it into USTD. It's used by a major exchange to help with fiat cash outs. However people have argued the owners have been siphoning the gains into their wallets, while they maintain it's price. Regardless if you want a coin that stays at $1, that is in parody with the USD. This coin has delivered, performed better than any other for stability. I wouldn't recommend investing in it, no growth. But you may use it in your cash out to fiat, and that's where the owners get their cut. Theoretically this could lead to a giant crash in the future. Several major exchanges use Tether as a substitute for USD. Bittrex will be responding later in 2018 with USD direct to crypto coins, eliminating the need for USTD.
Ten X:
I railed hard against this coin. I took a lot of heat for it. But I was correct. It got pumped a ridiculous amount by whales, investors. It hyped all kinds of markets it was going to be involved in. What happened? Crash and burn. More middleman services to the current economy using crypto. They are backed by Visa, which recently was caught double billing their customers in January. In turn this tanked Tenx's value. Will we ever get a crypto coin credit card? I'm doubtful at this juncture. The whole purpose of crypto is no debt, no insurance, no data collection, full privacy. You're better off investing directly in Visa, Mastercard. Why would you pick something that does a worse job than them. Don't forget Visa will get that sweet cut every time you use TenX, driving up the value of Visa's stock.
It tries to restore ownership of our data. Not sure how they'll accomplish this in any realistic fashion? It's a non profit. The goals are very humanitarian. However as I've learned such buzz words don't make for a good business. Another warning sign is it pushes into video games. Tron mixes itself with other tokens for trading. If you're looking at it from the perspective of a merger, or a side business for one of the larger coins. This could have value in the future. It is well funded, is actively hiring, has a lengthy road map. But I wouldn't bet on it being around in 2020 without attachment to an additional coin company. Update: Their white paper was plagiarized. It was part of a recent pump and dump, and the road map doesn't have any realistic deadlines.

This a open source coin. They generate more secure functionality on the Ethereum block chain. As Ethereum moves to proof of stake, the miners will probably need to shift to a new coin. Everything depends on what Casper does. Normally proof of stake means you can't mine anymore. Proof of work is what Ubiq uses, and if this remains, it will be continued growth. Do not underestimate the value of mining coins. That's why despite falling off the top 100 list several times, it can bounce back up. The owners and teams are very competent, producing a lot on the software side. I have worked for them in the past as one of the logo designers (mostly doing 4k tweaks). Ubiq approved, and contributed to the development of the coin grader. My opinions on them are favorable. I approached over a dozen cryptos for the creation of this site, a few on the top 20. The common response was, "That's a lot of work." Followed by no commitment. At the very least Ubiq doesn't just say things, they make things happen.

It takes parts of Ether, IOT devices then bundles them for enterprise. It tracks produce, luxury goods. I can see the rich elite jumping into this heavily. It's trying to replace a market that already does it's job, already exists. Vechain claims it can do it better, well we better start mass firing those Walmart shipment workers. Complete crap. I do appreciate it's trying to track fraud. Why would businesses who already are doing a good enough job want this? Wouldn't governments properly enforcing regulations do better? My final complaint is the usage of RFID chips. A market that already exists and shouldn't be expanded to all products. It's expensive to add in such features. You'll save far more money installing some cameras watching employees, checking your supply chains in person. Methods that already exist. Proof of stupidity could not find a better definition than, Vechain.
An anonymous coin. It's been very low in value since it's inception. With the recent government laws saying you must pay taxes on your crypto trades. The anon coins have grown thousands of percentage points. It may end up being the new Monero. But if you want to pull out when it hits a dollar. I can't blame you. People estimated it's maximum cap to be $10-$20. This is the problem with all penny coins. Coins that have extremely high volume, 500 million to 10 billion coins.
It's start was rocky. People accused it of fraud, visiting their HQ, finding the staff was out. Then later they confirmed a ton of business deals with Ethereum, expansions. It could be a case of new company needed time to form a solid foundation. A strike against it is their claims it's a Intellectual Capital, not an investment. Soon after they had a massive security breach. Millions of dollars worth of coins were lost to hackers. If you got it when it was $50, at it's dip, you saw it grow to over $350. Not bad, but it's future is very questionable when I look at it's service. Feels complex in explanation, combined with vague answers. I am highly skeptical of any coin. The token that has only 2% of it's volume on the market!? Further research says it's based in the bank of Jamaica, but they have a NY office, origin. Skip!

AKA Walton. They rebranded. One of the great fraud coins. Employees caught winning prize money in their hosted public contests. They made announcements for partnerships that didn't go through yet, products/services that aren't out. Like Vechain they want to use RFIDs. Ugh. Yeah, let's push into markets that are already stable and claim we can do it better than them. All with tech that's been around for ages. But add in blockchain, encryption... um... I need more keywords! Phase II beacon chips! Power overwhelming!
If there was any one coin that was associated with the word, hype. It's Walton. I don't think it's pump and dump days are over. But eventually people will wise up. Imagine you are picking apples on a farm and some ass hat comes up to you and says, "Hey! Let's make this process more complex with encryption. So you can spot fraud. Ignore the fact your government is already regulating this market, along with your current buyers. We want in! Because we're the upgrade you need! Now buy those magical beans, err blockchain encryption. The cow is ours!" BTW I live next to a farm. So I know the actual process they go through with my local grocery store. Load of BS is what this coin is.
They allow you to buy a stake in a node. If that node becomes popular, you get a cut. The middleman approach is a big pay day for the people who pick right. ... Among digital plots... Might as well play the lottery. I don't recommend this coin, as it's more akin to gambling. Unless you have one of those quantum AI computers. A method for significantly reducing your risk. Waves has had several hardcore pushes on YT. Oh glorious YT, the same place that gave us Bitconnect, Walton, Vechain. No math, no economic research. Just the feels. Dem feels! While Waves is in a significantly better position than Vechain, it will join it in the dump.
Don't buy it. Done. High quantity token, asset exchange for gamer virtual goods. I like how all these cryptos think they can jump into markets that don't want more middlemen. Bloomberg TV pushed it. That's a sign to run away.

I had a conversation with a user on YT comments. Yes, the best place for dialogue... Anyways he was curious why the vice coins are bad picks. That's drugs, sex, gambling. There are several reasons why. One of is the easiness for frauds, fast money. These markets are often flooded, quick to launch, and produce poor results for investors. Once they get regulated, under the branch of a government, their profits soar (Las Vegas). Am I certain some companies will succeed? Yes. But for every Edgeless Coin, there's a hundred more that failed. In fact the vice coins have grown poorly in the past 6 months. If you go down this path, keep that in mind. They start slipping down the top 80, they'll probably continue that trend. Xplay is adult rated video streaming. It's still an untapped market, compared to YT. But their competition Pornhub will likely keep them, and other competitors far from success.

It was removed from Binance. That's not a good sign. In recent months it's pumped hundreds of percent. It has not out performed Bitcoin's growth. Yoyo started as a mobile phone app for retail in Europe. Very little information existed on the company. They were still very new. If they got serious investing behind them, this is an easy Mona coin. But... They could also be another flash in the pan. Update: The new owners are completely different, or maybe they dropped the facade. With the pumps over it's probably best to avoid. They are slowly falling down the list after a temporary climb in value.

The anon coin that was pumped hard in it's inception. Over $4000! People say the owners deserved it. However this action has been heavily frowned upon. Very few coins pre mine for this reason, people consider it fraudulent activity. Bitcoin Gold is another such coin. In 2017 it grew, but no where near Monero, Dash, Ethereum. All were better picks. This coin can be found on cloud mining sites, Genesis Mining. Zcash pulls in decent money for miners. Despite it's software updates, expansions. Zcash has stagnated. 2018 will be a make or break year. It is attached to several projects. We'll see where it goes.
I feel bad for not looking into this coin earlier. They saw a gigantic pump due to an announcement. A promise of giving away BTC per Zclassic coins. A semi fork is on the way. After that the rumors are it will collapse and never recover. Update: This came to pass.
  • Disclaimer: This is not financial advice!!! Information was retrieved from investigating various crypto sites, company chat rooms, devs, videos on Youtube. It's to confirm the info collected matches up. While research was extensive, it was only done by one person. It has my by personal bias. I will remain skeptical, given my history with investors. This is a new market, like the dot coms of the past. Most of these companies will not exist in 10 years. It's healthier to have a 99.9% failure mind set than to fan boy over possibilities. It doesn't mean the company will fail in a week, but it means you should always be careful with your money. Hold within reason. Every year you should pull amount some gains and keep it in fiat.