Start Menu Box
Desktop Icons For 4k Resolution, Other Oddities
Click the image to save the icons to your PC.
To hide those annoying MS windows arrows.
Go to your start menu and in the box...
Type: Regedit
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software -> Microsoft ->
Windows -> Current Version -> Explorer
Right Click Explorer Folder -> New Key ->
Name it: Shell Icons
Right Click in empty area->
New String Value: 29
Right Click 29 ->
Value Data: C:\Windows\System32\shell32.dll,50
Or create a folder, type in C:\MyFolder\transparent.ico
Right Click, Save As 48x48 Icon
Steam Game Saves Locations,
Reinstall List for your PC. Feel
free to make your own.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata
Or C:\Program Files\Steam\userdata
C:\Users\user\Saved Games
Once patched in you can get steam to relocate the save files by right clicking the game in your library.
You should always have a
separate HDD/SSD with all
your exes backed up on it.
Adobe Photoshop Example (Downloaded X) (Reinstalled X)
Video Editor Software Example (
Pinnacle Studio 20)
MS Word
Mouse Driver/Printer Driver
Router, Drivers, BIOS, Audio, Windows, MS Security Essentials, Media Player, Photo Viewer, MS Visual Studio, SSD drivers
Pi Hole (Custom VPN)
Crypto Wallets should be up to date
Steam, GOG
Firefox, Brave Browser
Nvidia Geforce/ATI Drivers
Video LAN
7z AKA 7Zip
Windows Updates
Emulators/Roms if you legally own the console and games. Some require reinstalling onto the main drive.
Some MS 360 controllers don't work with the MS official drivers. Instead you'll have to have it find it manually in the Device Manager under: MS Common Controller for Windows Class.
Firefox Custom History settings x x on the last two boxes. Turn off data collection, ms config, services all programs that run data collect off.
Adblock Plus
Privacy Badger
Dark Night Mode
Shadowrun PC Patches
1.) Install Game.
2.) Register game, run Win7 in Compatibility mode.
3.) Install Windows patches.
4.) You may see two warning screens. Ignore, run game.
5.) Login to XBL or Live account at start screen.
6.) Set resolution in settings, exit game.
7.) Open Karadaz Patch with 7-zip.
8.) Click the Shadowrun HD.exe, install in SR folder.
9.) Run game as admin. All glitches should be gone. Enjoy.

MS Windows Patches-
Windows Login Fix
Shadowrun Boot Fix
Shadowrun Pink Screen of BS Fix
Internet shuts down
after 5 minutes,
other connection issues.
Right Click Network/
Open Network Sharing/
Click Ethernet/
Click Properties/
Click Configure/
Click Power Management/
Click OFF Allow PC to Save power