CMC Report Part II







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Everyone agrees to let the dollar equal far less to boost
coin value in a speculative market. This is not a traditional
revenue, stock market. Everyone fights for their piece of the pie.

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Victim -1% to -70% Swapped

Secure Coins

10% to 30% Legit

Shit Coins
80% to 90% Fake

12:04 AM EST 11/17/2019

11:53 PM EST 11/16/2019

KMD $0.944341 CMC/BNB
KMD $0.901962 CMC/CoinEx
KMD $0.936611 BNB 0.82%
KMD $0.8939 CoinEx 0.90%
ETH $180.92 CoinEx
LTC $57.94 CoinEx
ADA $0.0436 CoinEx
BTC $8,476.60
ETH $180.97 KCS
BTC $8470.97 KCS
KCS $1.15959 Kucoin
XRP $0.261431 KCS
ETH $182.59 CMC/CoinEx 0.92%
LTC $58.47 CMC/CoinEx 0.91%
ADA $0.044012 CMC/CoinEx 0.94%
BTC $8,541.88 CMC/CoinEx 0.77%
ETH $182.66 CMC/KCS 0.92%
BTC $8,538.59 CMC/KCS 0.79%
KCS $1.17 CMC/KCS 0.89%
XRP $0.263585 CMC/KCS 0.82%

11:52 PM EST 11/16/2019

Noah Coin October 30th 2019

$148,838, $53,456 (Real $)
became 178.43% difference

$134,493,283, $116,867,363 (Fake $)
became 15.08% difference
$148k magically turns into $100m. Give or take.

"There are 2,155 wallets with balances in excess of 1,000 Bitcoins (BTC), and if one of these dump its coins, it would cause a market crash. Fifteen wallets have balances in excess of 50,000 Bitcoins (BTC), enough to drain all of the order books in the crypto space."


Relocate some of the missing BTC value from questionable and legit coins. Favor certain coins, and ignore/steal from those who don't pay in. Gate keeping that maintains a overinflated system of unregulated exchanges. Mostly removed from blockchain ledgers. They let exchanges report through VPNs instead.

Other examples:

Bibox has vol $1.05b & liquidity $300k,
ZB has vol $483m & liquidity $310k,
BitMart has vol $575m & liquidity $1.3m,
P2PB2Pthat vol $1.01b & liquidity $1.6m,
CoinBene has vol $1.25b & liquidity $1.65m,
Coineal has vol $1b & liquidity $2.2m,
FCoin has vol $216m & liquidity $2.3m,
LBank has vol $925m & liquidity $2.5m,
BitForex has vol $805m & liquidity $2.5m,
Exrates has vol $600m & liquidity $2.55m,
BitZ has vol $0.95b & liquidity $4.2m,
CoinEx has vol $1.1b & liquidity $4.4m,



M x V = P x Q, The problem is even simple formulas do not add up. On some coins, yes. But on most they are off in value. This has only gotten worse in time.


M (10) x V (3) = P (5) x Q (6)
M (1000) x V (52) = P (200) x Q (260)


Coin Type

Market Cap

24 hr Volume

Circulating Supply


Mineable, Token (Price x Volume) Spending (Coins Available) Base Price:Total Coins
CMC collaborates with various S coins... cough generous business leaders to donate around $100k monthly to stay listed on the top 200. Why top 200? Because they said it's ideal in their recent blogs.

"we introduced an internal feature that would exclude crypto assets from being eligible to be ranked in the Top 200 if they did not meet the criteria laid out"


Of course, I can't definitively claim this without a proper legal investigation. The data however is abundant. What I'm showing you is a tip of the iceberg. I've been researching CMC for years. These anomalies have gotten worse. Since a government investigation hasn't occurred. It falls under a few possible theories.
Real money goes in Alt Coins bought directly
BTC is used to buy Alt Coins
Exchange reports value/vol
Real BTC Volume
Real Alt Volume
Real Alt Value
Real USD Amount
Manipulation from Reporting Sites
Alt Coins
Fake BTC Volume
Fake Alt Volume
Fake Alt Value

Fake USD Amount
Estimated Real $100k
Fake $100m
Hide Data, Dates

Delist Coins
Of 1,658 siphon
Juggle coin value
Real Volume Actual 18m BTC
Fake Volume
Estimated 180m BTC




CMC is telling the truth 100% and everyone else is lying. I call this the, "Rolling my eyes theory."

The facts remain, CMC is changing how they collect data. Their old model is being abandoned.

The bigger problem is BTC's real volume, 18m is inflated to billions of fake coins. Not enough supply to meet demand if it recovers. They can't afford to drop it below $5k.


Goldman Sachs controls CMC, and other financial organizations, governments split up the rest of the market. The few independent coins like Ubiq became glorified piggy banks for the fraud coins. They steal their work, since its open source. It makes a lot of sense why CMC, a company registered in NY. NY has thrown people in jail for trading $20k BTC off an exchange. It blocks residents from most exchanges. CMC seems to be outright immune to any FED investigation. What does this all mean? We should see an eventual transition into the stock market.

Specifically they will aim for futures, derivatives. The gatekeepers can gamble away the wealth of nations. HODL plebs keeps the con going. There is a lack of proper regulation, with high amounts of theft. Do you wonder why BTC is out performing all other coins on the market combined? Once CMC serves its purpose, the ones in charge close it down. Crisis adverted. Crypto dies in a few more years. Its trend is obvious. The question is will this continue?


Exchanges and reporting sites are part of a giant bribery, fake volume scheme. Since unification is lacking on the market, some like Fcoin, ChainX, and Bitmex go for broke. Fraud is out in the open.

Most exchanges are keeping some money per transaction and reporting slightly higher values on reporting sites.


Regulators are preparing for the largest bust in human history. Scores of "companies" will see owners, staff thrown in prison. Think of it like a grape harvest. Governments wait until it's time to pick them. Crypto dies. A new foundation is required. A coin not attached to BTC. Bitcoin will still exist, but its dominance shared with several other coins.

Governments finally move in to regulate and promote. We could see an Al Gore moment, crucial laws that allowed the internet to grow. This allowed it to bloom into what we have now. Just be wary of the crypto version of the DMCA. This could happen under a new president, new generation of politicians along with a massive stock market crash.


I'm completely wrong. But, look on the bright side. No one paid me to make this. Althought that money would have been nice...


The market continues to evolve. We finally see a shift away from one coin dominance. New alts emerge, not attached to Bitcoin. They are strong enough to stand on their own. Revenue pours in more than debt. Wages and stability are consistent with their year on year growth. Banks and countries without the tech will fall behind. Begrudgingly regulators and everyone else in charge approves.