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Disclaimer: The conclusions I arrived at may differ from yours. However it should be clear the data is unreliable reporting from Coin Market Cap. I will be finding an alternative site until they can sort this mess out. I will leave past info up for practice, research purposes. I think it's important to keep the fraud archived. Investoon
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As you can see from the red. It seems like these money games were played during the crashes. The coin grader reported the January, June and November crashes. In the mining section you can see the shift in April 2018 and other dates. By using Ubiq as a control I was able to determine what happened.

Why Ubiq? It's a very low trading, active mining coin. It's listed on only 3 exchanges. You can get similar results with smaller coins. Below is the data I collected. After gathering enough information I was ready to compile it.

Data 1

Data 2

Data 3
What we can see here is contradicting changes. CMC said it was a correction. Based on the data it looks like they didn't correct the fake volume. Instead it looks like they allowed more of the under current. If you add up the numbers if looks like they are hiding massive percentage gains/losses over time that benefit some coins and lower the value of others. With no legitimate reason provided. You can see the website link below. It shows the result of CMC's manipulation.

After some number checking I notice the volume data collected prior to Jul 2018 was rounded up or not recorded. So you will see; example: $124,364,000,000. After they started getting more accurate with the recording of 24 hour volume. Now you should see; example: $124,364,452,184. This makes accurate reporting of the past difficult. The change going forward is definitely welcomed.

Open Market Cap
Before                                                                      After

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Coin market cap did highly questionable activity. This was mostly unreported for a number of months. Because the coin grader operates in cycles. I didn't notice the problem until the March report. The data wasn't lining up with what was expected. Normally the crypto market has a dip. It's never done 2 solid months of slow growth. Not even in 2017. There's always a dip cycle. Which meant a new trend was forming. Or I stumbled upon serious volume manipulation.

I concluded my findings that Coin Market Cap boosted values, instead of taking appropriate action. They DID NOT inform the public of the shift between January 19th and January 21st 2019. When they changed every single number on their site. Even going back to the launch date of April 2013. Not in a way that was clearing up the fraud. If anything it raised more questions.

Thanks to the way back machine I was able to confirm I wasn't going senile. The numbers I recorded match with what's found on their site. You can also refer to Top Pumps on our website. See ridiculous pump action around January 2018.

After reaching my own conclusion I decided to look up any recent reports. To see if my findings match theirs. They do. So what happened? It looks like most of the smaller exchanges were reporting fake volume, wash trading. Thanks to the mining coins I was able to track the activity. It doesn't make them immune. But it was a more reliable starting point. All the 'honest' exchanges are also problematic. What you have in an infestation of trade bots.

Despite all the pumps coming from Fcoin and the more worrying derivatives from Bitmex. They only influenced BTC around .24% daily. I decided to compile all the data and try to determine a range. Instead of basing it off the November 2018 crash. So far the data is more of a mirror of the January 2018 crash. A correction is coming. The question is when, and for how much? I theorized $120 billion to $137 billion. What I can conclude with is. Keep watching Fcoin, Bitmex. When it stops pumping around $1 billion daily. When it drops off the map for an extended period of time, a week. We should finally see a market dip. Until then, it's going to repeat a upward pattern.

Rank, Coin Name

Volume (24 Hr)

BTC Price

Vol %

Fee Type

23 Binance BTC/USDT $140,082,091 $5,233.36 0.88% Percentage
88 Binance BNB/BTC $34,328,592 $5,219.36 0.22% Percentage
23 Binance BCHABC/BTC $32,548,347 $5,233.42 0.20% Percentage
382 Binance QKC/BTC $3,042,864 $5,260.43 0.02% Percentage
398 Binance FUEL/BTC $2,911,224 $5,231.40 0.02% Percentage
$387,080,775 Avg $5,238.15 2.39%
63 Bitfinex BTC/USD $54,772,628 $5,255.00 0.34% Percentage
291 Bitfinex BTC/EUR $5,555,491 $5,255.21 0.03% Percentage
$60,328,119 Avg $5,255.10 0.37%
67 Coinbase Pro BTC/USD $48,739,725 $5,221.36 0.31% Percentage
249 Coinbase Pro BTC/EUR $7,069,279 $5,224.47 0.04% Percentage
$55,809,004 Avg $5,222.91 0.35%
289 Bittrex ORBS/BTC $5,599,402 $5,377.66 0.04% Percentage
378 Bittrex BTC/USD $3,090,111 $5,216.44 0.02% Percentage
$8,689,513 Avg $5,297.05 0.06%
95 Kraken BTC/USD $31,487,241 $5,221.10 0.20% Percentage
105 Kraken BTC/EUR $28,025,057 $5,223.44 0.18% Percentage
Total $571,419,709 $59,512,298 Avg $5,222.27 0.38% Total 3.55%

Market Cap Difference

Min to Max

BTC % Change

Vol Range


707.18% $180b to
+0.24% 716.33% +40% from
Apr 10th

Rank, Coin Name

Vol (24 Hr)

BTC Price

Vol %

Fee Type

1 BitMEX XBT/USD $1,774,663,847 $5,220.00 11.15% No Fees
$1,774,663,847 Avg $5,220.00 11.15% Derivatives
2 FCoin BTC/USDT $1,023,582,139 $5,233.61 6.43% Trans Mining
11 FCoin ETH/BTC $279,954,043 $5,236.86 1.76% Trans Mining
97 FCoin XRP/BTC $31,154,536 $5,245.45 0.20% Trans Mining
115 FCoin EOS/BTC $25,520,338 $5,232.18 0.16% Trans Mining
351 FCoin FT/BTC $3,589,740 $5,222.73 0.02% Trans Mining
$1,363,800,796 Avg $5,234.16 8.57%
3 Negocie Coins BTC/BRL $502,167,895 $5,492.22 3.16% Percentage
$502,167,895 Avg $5,492.22 3.16%
4 BTC/USDT $470,178,072 $5,233.02 2.95% Percentage
$470,178,072 Avg $5,233.02 2.95%
5 CoinBene BTC/USDT $408,856,010 $5,233.42 2.57% Percentage
65 CoinBene ETH/BTC $49,888,817 $5,238.83 0.31% Percentage
124 CoinBene LTC/BTC $22,378,908 $5,241.44 0.14% Percentage
248 CoinBene EOS/BTC $7,075,900 $5,231.68 0.04% Percentage
276 CoinBene NEO/BTC $6,031,070 $5,226.40 0.04% Percentage
322 CoinBene ETC/BTC $4,400,907 $5,228.39 0.03% Percentage
392 CoinBene XRP/BTC $2,978,896 $5,247.14 0.02% Percentage

Total $4,612,421,118


Avg $5,235.32


T 28.98%