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Disclaimer: Additional questions will be added over the years. At this juncture I have not had a need to add to it. This is not financial advice.

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Coin Grader Summarized

When people are fed too much data they start seeing patterns that aren't there. Too much research becomes a detriment, creates too much emotional attachment. As someone who works in the game industry. I'm deeply familiar with the hype train. Coin Grader's goal is the opposite. I consolidate the data. To get to the point quicker. Did they hit quota? Are employees being paid? What are the results? This helped my own picks. I looked at the overall market more, and individual companies less.

The site is made to be adaptive. Things will change over time, and so will the grader. This is why I didn't include data prior to June 2017. We are in third generation. 2nd generation formulas won't work as well as third. To affirm everything worked I used coin grader to make money for myself, my mining group. It held up and easily outperformed YT channels, random comments sections, social media. Not exactly a high bar. But leagues above what most people used during the boom and bust cycle. Many walked off a cliff with a single term, HODL. If only they knew when to take profits.

Why not cover all coins?

Should you give equal time to companies that go no where? What about fraud, incompetence? Time is the most crucial component of life. We can't waste it watching every bad movie, buying every bad product. Just to make sure we're being equal (I'm aware there are a minority of people who do this.) If that were the norm for humans, we wouldn't have Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes. People want to know as soon as possible what they are getting into. I decided based on the current market the cut off is the top 84 coins. When coins slipped below said rank. This is often where most kept falling, failing. I included an expansion into 85-200 coins that out performed bit coin for that month. To give people a picture of how coins typically climb up the list.

Why are you skeptical on certain markets?

The vices, drugs, gambling, humanitarian, and other markets that lean hard on emotional appeal; are often risky investments. Anyone remember Solar Roadways, Kony 2012, Mighty #9? They all had one thing in common. Extreme investor attachment. This results in people ignoring the reality. It gives companies a blank check on trust. I'm not saying avoid them. I'm saying I will hold them more accountable with investigations, data, performance.

Will you keep improving the UI?

Yes. But I want muscle memory to be retained. It's my goal to retain the layout. I used to work in the game industry, specifically MMOs. I watched them improve more, and more. Endless software patches. It got to a point where the games were radically different from their original incarnations. They went too far. As a result consumers felt alienated, leaving forever.

Why did you inject your views, personal accounts into the glossary?

I could have copied the definitions verbatim. In some cases I sort of did that. Mostly I injected personality, humor, something people can relate to. It's a lot easier to remember the pros and cons of Marxism; when you have a person giving their own accounts. I learned this when I worked with people who survived the Cold War. Their accounts drew a more realistic, immersive picture than someone reading a Wikipedia article.

Passel instead of Volume?

When I found out most crypto companies add/remove coins to combat inflation (block losses from hacks), I felt passel was a more accurate description of the coin volume. Originally the site design was intended to look like, Axiom Verge. The main reason why you see strain instead of type, and missions instead of company goals. The organic red guts, bubbles probably would have turned away visitors. It's also what lead to me making two graphical versions.

What was your past relation in crypto?

I approached many companies over the course of a few months. All of them liked the idea of a coin grader. That was encouraging. But they concluded my offer with, "It's too much work." The idea got rejected over and over. It made me wonder how legit the market was. Then we got to see how 2018 turned out. Suspicions confirmed. (Slides on sunglasses) When I was about to give up, I approached one last area. I worked for Ubiq in the past as one of their logo designers. After Xocel agreed. Their chat room on discord helped me greatly develop the site, check for errors. This would have been impossible otherwise, something this big needs peer review. Dash has also helped with testing. I had a falling out with Ubiq, criticizing their double standards with Bittrex. Dash has lost a lot of their core staff. These days I hang out in Mitch Ray's YT chat channel. Out of all the top crypto companies these were the only two.

Will you only focus on past data?

There are plenty of sites, people that do a great job on reporting recent market movement. However, when looking for refined data. There are a few places, but most are behind a paywall. Dollar Vigilante comes to mind. He has made some really good investment calls. However I want it to be available to everyone. Crypto can't grow if people are reliant on random Reddit posts, YT channels where they scream, "It's just entertainment dude. We are working on an app to track more recent data. That project is ongoing.

What would staff do?

Investigators will allow me to get more data on the top 84. How will that happen? They talk to employees, visit their forums, chat rooms, check on business proposals, roadmaps. Even dig into public legal records, background checks on owners. Then the report is summarized into possible fraud, incompetence for the site. I list them in the same category. I don't make a distinction, because the result is the same. The company is destined to fail. I want the positions to be full time, accredited. Paid would be weekly quotas with charts, pages of data filled in. If not, I'll continue doing all the work. /:

Editor/advisor is responsible for crunching all the math, making sure it makes sense. Look for errors, fix them. Another straight forward job, and also full time. They would work in conjunction with the investigator(s). Finally the UI, app designer. This would be a part time job. Once the overhauls are complete it would be in my hands, or the editors to maintain. Otherwise I do all the work. ):


I list the formulas and data up front. The only time the data changes is if I fed it in wrong. That's why I list an archive file. I'll show you the math, keep it simple so you can run the numbers anytime. As for donations. I got into crypto early with a mining group. No need to give me a penny if you don't want to, I'm financially set. The money donated goes directly to hardware, my work, and employees. If it does really well I'll use it for full time staff. If not, the site updates won't stop until December 2020. Thank you for the support. I got 2 new PCs, website fees continue to be covered in full. My incentive is I continue to use the site, tools for myself to make lucrative investments.

Why did you exclude Bitconnect and other coins from the markets tally?

Bitconnect was fraud. As of this writing the hammer finally came down on them. I made the right move not reporting them in the markets growth section. I will not always spot the fraud. Any significant donations will go to hiring full time investigators. Even if that doesn't happen the obvious violators will be excluded. With the current markets graph it was only a few companies removed from the total. I expect that trend going forward.

Will you list how much is made in donations?

Recent tax laws in the USA have made things, interesting. I will run it by my lawyer if it's successful, if I can hire staff. If I use it to hire someone, yes I'll report budget. It will be pay range of said job(s). If it goes to computer hardware, yes I'll list that, show photos, videos. Money donated mostly goes to fiat, USD. I'll wait a few days if coins are in a crazy dip cycle. Current donation total is over $8,000. Most of that went to the app dev, and computer hardware.

How much do you work on the site weekly?

Currently 20+ hours a week. When I'm adding in extra features, 40+ hours a week. I'm also working on Voxel Graphics in 2020. You check my activity on twitter. Until 2020 with DDR5 RAM, most of my time is on the Coin Grader AKA Coin Sim.

Will you ever take Ethereum, other popular coins?

No. I removed all coin donations. NY state blocked me from Poloniex, Bitfinex, Bittrex, and I'm certain Binance is in the future (It happened). I will see what I can set up for wallets in the future. I will NOT be using exchanges to collect any coin donations.

Yearly Reviews

I compile all the data. High gain month to high gain month or vice versa for a proper measurement. Here you can see what outgrew BTC. In the first run it was only 28 coins. I included a simple graph. You can see it's peak and where the best purchase point was. On the bottom I show you how much $1k would have gotten you in that time frame.

Top Markets Explained

A lot of people said the gambling coins were good money. But the markets section says the banking coins were the second best, gambling funding shrank in 2017. It gives you a clear picture where the money is going. It helped me with my picks, which are mostly Blockchain. Companies that solve multiple problems on the market with software.

Different languages?

In the future that would be great, depending on donation amounts raised. Use Google Translate in the meantime.

Resolution problems?

Multiple resolutions are being worked on. I have the code, I just need to get it working. This only applies to desktop 1080p and 4k. The mobile app will cover cell phones. My first target is Android, then IOS.

Practice Section?

Currently it's my formulas, methods. Then I show you how I use them. We'll have a desktop version later if all goes well.

Will you add more to tips?



Work more on the UI, add a few more features. I am preparing for a mobile app version. The revenue it generates could help in hiring more people. Until that changes. Please keep in mind I'm just one guy. Thanks, Arigato, Gracias!