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Disclaimer: This should help explain the various sections on the site. If not... Um... /: This is not financial advice.

Phase I Data Explanation


Select specific dates for the data. The website archives data from June 2017 to present day. This is 3rd generation. When 4th generation emerges, we will make a separate section. 1st and 2nd generation is not tracked. They would serve little to no purpose for investors. Ranges are end of June to end of September, around 3 month spans.


The amount of growth or loss the company has had over x amount of time.


Coin rank changes since its prior date. The ranges are June to July or June to December. Default is 3 months, end of each month.


This is the company's main purpose. It can be retail, food, space ships. The market the company is involved in the most.


The first price when the coin is listed, nothing prior, such as ICOs. Such as flash sales, fund raising, SEED rounds.


This is the type of company, LLC, LTD, Foundation. Strain determines the company structure, operations.

Phase II Data Explanation


Select specific dates for the data. All information archived from June 2017 to present day. This is 3rd generation. When 4th generation emerges, we will make a separate section. 1st and 2nd generations are not tracked. They would serve little to no purpose for investors. Ranges are end of June to end of December, around 6 month spans.

Growth Percent

We round the percentages .5 from .6%. -400% would be a -4 and .4% is rounded down to 0. It caps at 1000%, which is +10. We don't get specific because the market is very new. Such accuracy would paint an incorrect picture of the company. Until they report employee salary, taxes, quarterly. You should be very weary of their numbers. They exist to give you an idea. Not to tell you exactly what they make. Most of that remains under the radar. In 4th gen I'm expecting more accountability, accurate reporting. When that happens, the data's adjusted.


Same as Phase I, but 6 month time spans.


Same as Phase I.


The volume of these coins is rarely fixed. I've seen them add in additional coins. Thanks to hackers, theft or people just losing account numbers. A certain amount of volume is lost. Passel is a more effective description. "Things of indeterminate number."


Based on the formula I created. Its open ended, not made to be accurate. This gives shows the company's activity on the market with math. When the market hits 4th generation, the formulas will have more data points, accuracy. Never forget the volatility of new markets. Each coin starts at 50, then based on performance goes up or down. Below 50, it isn't graded.

Quarry Mining Explanation


Select specific dates for the data. Data is retrieved the first of the month. From WhatToMine. I use 3 GTX 1060's to calculate the GPU mining. For CPU mining I use the default ASIC, Antminer S9.

Monthly Profits

The daily amount is multiplied x30. Otherwise, you will multiple 30.4167. You can see why I rounded down.


How long it takes to get a single coin. $200 Ethereum can take weeks to months, $0.01 Siacoin can take minutes to hours. $1 Komodo can take one to a few days. Regular, Kilo, Mega, Giga, and Tera is the highest. Most people use mining groups to bypass complications in individual mining. You make 1-10% less, but it's more convenient. I recommend it if you are using one computer. You probably shouldn't be mining the more expensive coins on anything less than 5 GPUs.


GPU or CPU power used to mine a single coin. Regular, Kilo, Mega, Giga, and Tera is the highest.


The amount of energy consumed, when running the hardware.

Yearly Profits

We feed in two data points. Daily profit and then that's multiplied x365 for yearly. We do not add in energy costs, any extra fees. Since every location is different.

Top Pumps Data Explanation


Select specific dates for the data. We archive information from June 2017 to present day. This is 3rd generation. When 4th generation emerges, we will make a separate section. We do not track 1st and 2nd generations. They would serve little to no purpose for investors. Ranges are end of June to end of September, around 3 month spans.


We do not list coins that do not grow in said time span. Any coin that grew worse than Bitcoin is marked grey. If no coin grew in that time it gets the appropriate gif, image.


If a coin climbs out of the lower ranks it ends up in Phase I, and Phase II. This is where we track Rank 85-200. If the coin falls below rank 200, we don't count it.


Same as Phase I.


Same as Phase II.

Resources Tips, Glossary, Miner Map, Compendium, Bonus Explanation


Based on my experience, this is my advice for investing. You'll need a lot more than that. Still, I hope my accounts help you get an idea what you should and not be doing.


This is a giant glossary, mostly various crypto terms. In time, more terms are added.


Data tracked from several locations. This was for the top mining coins in 2017. A 2018 version is up, and this will continued every year.

Mock Site

The origin of the coin grader started here. In the future, I'd like to see a go to site for crypto. I want to see something on par with Youtube, Amazon. A place where users can connect to various safe exchanges, learn everything there it to know. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any takers. This is for the best. The market needs to hit a more secure 4th generations. For example, cloud mining with Genesis. They were compromised several times, and these days are not profitable. I took the best part, the Coin Grader and got funding to run the site well past 2019.


I like customizing my desktop. I would hate to see such detailed icons go to waste. Most of these are from Ragnarok Online, made for 4k resolution.

Practice Low & High, Buying a PC, Market Calculator, Investor Path Explanation


This is my formula for buying, selling, holding. I crunch this whenever I'm looking to take action on my investments. It looks complex, because I need to automate it. The steps are simple, just requires a few practice rounds to get used to it.


This was my method for buying a new PC.

Coin Value

In these various time spans, you can see each of the top coins. It's important to know what their prior success and failure was. Therefore, you have a reference of their likely high and low. Don't forget to factor in what's happening in the market. If it's a giant dip cycle, you should expect the value to continue to go down and vice versa in a growth cycle.


Stick to facts. What did the company accomplish for said year? Is there a number attached to their result? Sell x amount of units, of making x amount of money. Were there losses? Google made money in 2017 on Youtube. They lost money in 2008. Pros, YT makes billions of dollars. The cons are a massive loss of talent. Then put in actual numbers.
In this section, I explain how you can research companies. It's FAR more effective than listening to an YT channel.
Pending I plan to make these sections more automated. For the time being the will remain the way they are. My current focus is on finishing the phone app.

Inform Contact Explanation


This is the fastest way to reach me. I check it daily. I'm also in the Ubiq, Dash discord channels as Redstar0#5928. Keep in mind I'm not a financial advisor. Any information I give you on stocks, crypto is from my own viewpoints. I recommend you do your own research and always stick with the data, results.
Pending More people will be here when staff is increased. I do have several stock, crypto experts who advise me on the site. However, for now it's a solo job.


I started my career in the game industry, 2002. Everything was going well, got a job interview with Acclaim. When they suddenly went under, I learned to read companies. This became a requirement in my industry. Every year a major developer would fold. It was hot potato with jobs. In 2011, I started applying what I learned, predicting the rise of Valve, Tell Tale, Riot Games and many other companies. I wasn't always right. I got EA, Activision, and Ubisoft wrong. In that year, I saw voxel graphics. It was so impressive that I decided to go full time into that field. Most of my experience is in MMOs, 3d art and virtual marketplaces, with a decent dash of coding, UI... It's a lot of stuff. I'm old.

In 2012, I moved into stocks, Tesla, Virgin, and NVIDIA. My health hit the toilet in 2013-2014. A temporary one-time condition runs in my family. The disease is called, De Quervain's Sub Acute Thyroiditis. I had a series of bad doctors, until finally finding out of state experts who got me back to normal. I spent all of 2015 recovering, and in 2016 I dived back into stock reading, finished my bulk work on a voxel game. In 2017, I jumped into crypto. The many years of experience served me well. Instead of going solo, I formed a coin-mining group. Made most of my buys in July 2017, cashed out in early January 2017. Thanks to the Coin Grader, I was able to avoid losses. I made a decent chunk of moola, paid taxes, and became sad. These days I continue my work in the game industry. The rest of my time is dedicated to running the website, watching stocks and crypto.