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2nd Best Growth Jan-June 2018
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In this section I will also archive the results of
each poll, every month.
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Road Map:
I compile the data to see which investments were the best picks, over 1-6 months. A look into the past should help
people get an idea of the future. I used the info from this site to make my money, VERGE! I hope I can pass this
gain onto everyone else. Even if it's just a little.
The goals of the site's development is simple.
1.) Feed in data.
2.) Consolidate Information, like Metacritic, but less opinionated.
3.) Refine Interface.
For funding, this will go to helping the site grow, aside from needing 2 new PCs I'm set. If the site fails to generate enough
backing. Work will continue until 6/31/18. If a substantial amount of money is donated I will hire small staff for 3 purposes.
1.) Investigators for various coins. More thorough research.
2.) UI designer, a practice section.
3.) Editor/Advisor looks for errors, adjusts formulas.
Below are donation links. Make sure the keys match the picture's keys. These will not change without warning. Thanks!